THE SKINCARE EFFECT: COSRX x Charlotte Cho Triple C Lightning Liquid

Since clearing up my acne issues, my main focus has been hyper-pigmention and acne scars. While doing my research for another product, I came across COSRX x Charlotte Cho Triple C Lightning Liquid. The product claims looked so promising and the reviews were all positive. I had to see for myself, but of course it was out of stock.  I added my name to the waitlist( I read it was a 10,000 person waitlist) and impatiently waited to receive that “back in stock” email. Vitamin C serums, like fruit, are best when fresh, so the serum is made in small batches and shipped directly from Korea.


Vitamin C 20.5% – brings back radiance, promotes healthy skin, and treats and prevents pigmentation. (Compared to other Vitamin C serums on the market, this is a high dosage).

Black Chokeberries 72% – an ingredient that works to stabilize the Vitamin C and ensure that your skin is smooth and hydrated


I AM IN LOVE with this serum, and it is definitly my holy grail skincare product. After using for almost two months, I have noticed my skin has been so well behaved, no major breakout and I haven’t experienced any hormonal acne during my cycles. The first changes I noticed was that my skin was brighter, glowing, and smoother, people around me are noticing as well. After a few weeks I noticed that it had also helped to fade some pigmentation and acne scarring, but hasn’t completely vanished.


A vitamin C serum like this is so sensitive, pure ascorbic acid is prone to oxidation. Once it turns a dark yellow to brown, it’s time to replace it. The best way to store it is in a cool, dark area (your fridge is the best place).

If you use too much it can leave your face with a sticky feel. Stick to 2-3 drops.


After cleansing and toning, you are supposed to mix in two drops of the serum with an essence or moisturizer every night until your skin gets used to the potency of the product. Then, after a week, you can drop it directly onto the face.  I did that for a night or two went straight to applying it directly to my face, because I’m a impatient rebel. This treatment is recommended for night use, but if you do use it during the day, just remember to slather on SPF before going outside.


I added pictures below, so you can see the difference your self.

Before: Left Side 12/20/2017

After: Left Side 2/3/2018After: Right 2/3/2018


Exclusively  sold on the Soko Glam site. It’s $27.00, plus shipping it. Available right now, so I suggest you run and get your hands on it, before it sells out again. You can get 20% of your first purchase on Soko Glam HERE.

My full skincare routine is coming next. If you have any questions, you can definitely leave a comment or contact me on social media.


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