#WIW (Cuba Edition): July 23, 2017 part 2

#WIW (Cuba Edition): July 23, 2017 part 2

One night walking in Havana, we randomly found, this cute restaurant with a rooftop terrace and made a reservation for our finale dinner. This was easily my favorite restaurant in Cuba. The food was perfect and the view was crazy.If you go to cuba make sure you GO TO LA CONCORDIA.

Sweet Ripe Plaintain


Cuban Jerked Beef

I have been dying to wear this Line By K dress. It’s so simple, but still very very sexy. I thought it would be perfect for our Finale dinner in Cuba. I paired it with my blue lace up heels for a pop of color.

Dress: The line by K Shoes: Zara SS15

After dinner we went to Fabrica de Arte Cuban aka FAC. Its so unique and different, from anything I ever experienced. Definitely a one of a kind experience. It’s part bar, part art studio, part dance club, part concert hall, part movie theater, and restaurant. Normally the line to get in is usually ridiculously long, but luck was on or side because we didn’t have to wait long. The entry fee is $2 CUC and you get a drink card that you get stamped as you get drinks. DON’T LOSE IT, you need it to exit. If you loose it you end up paying a much higher fee or they won’t let you leave.

And that wraps up my Cuba post. I hope I inspired you to go out and take a trip to Cuba!


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  1. Adenike
    July 31, 2017 / 10:26 PM

    That looks amazing Nessa ‘!

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